31 Weeks

Weeks: 31
Baby: Owen's brain is developing more and more each day, and his movements (like everything else) continue to become more complex! 
Total weight gain: Still sitting at 22 lbs.
Maternity clothes? I'm wearing mostly maternity clothes, and they are pretty comfy. 
Stretch marks? Not yet
Sleep: Sleeping great
Favorite moment of the week: Thursday I got to hear Owen's heartbeat again. It never gets old! I enjoy going to my appointments every other week. :) 
Miss anything? This week, for the first time, I made a comment to Ryan about how I'm ready to not be pregnant anymore. I don't think about it often, but it's hard to remember what my daily life was like before pregnancy. ha. I'm ready for normal clothes (hopefully that'll happen at some point) and no more pregnancy hormones making my body all whack. 
Movement: Owen moves a lot! He turned on Saturday, but he's since returned to his favorite position, all wedged up in my very upper right rib cage. At my appointment, Dr. Allison commented on how high up he is, which is something I've thought my whole pregnancy, and when comparing to my friends' baby bumps, it's pretty obvious. She asked if I've been able to breathe okay, which made me feel a little less crazy because no, sometimes I cannot breathe okay. :)
Cravings? Nothing consistent.
Anything make you queasy or sick? Mainly car trips.
Gender: BOY! 
Labor signs: Nope
Symptoms: Random bouts of heartburn and nausea, but not enough to complain. :) 
Belly button in or out? Out. 
Wedding rings on or off? On
Mood: Good
Looking forward to: I go to the hospital on Friday to get registered so I don't have to sit through that while I'm in labor. I'm excited!
Freak-out moment of the week: I didn't have one, but I have already started saying "I don't want Owen to grow up!!" and other similar statements. Ryan kindly reminds me that yes, I will want him to grow up. ha.
Thankful for: A healthy pregnancy! 


30 Weeks

Picture above from 30 weeks 2 days-- just a little late because my handsome photographer has been posing as a pharmacist too much lately. ;) The picture below is from Sunday (29 weeks 6 days). Having a belly has its perks!

Weeks: 30!!
Baby: Owen is developing like crazy. His brain is developing wrinkles, and studies indicate that he can actually dream now while he sleeps! He can open, close, and blink his eyes. He should be somewhere around 3 pounds.
Total weight gain: 22ish pounds at my last appointment. 
Maternity clothes? I finally found some maternity jeans that fit, and they really are significantly more comfortable than most of my regular pants. Nothing beats pjs these days, though.
Stretch marks? Not yet
Sleep: Sleeping great
Favorite moment of the week: I really enjoyed co-hosting my friend Kelsey's baby shower over the weekend! Between Friday and Saturday, I saw six of my pregnant friends. I also got to see my sister and a few non-pregnant friends, but in keeping with the theme here, I thought that was crazy! 
Miss anything? Normal wardrobe.
Movement: Lots of movement. It feels like my organs are having a dance party. That really is the best way I can explain it. ha! Owen seems to enjoy playing in my right rib-cage. He's been there for a little over a week now. It's a strange feeling, and actually tickles a little sometimes. His movements often make me laugh out loud!
Cravings? Nothing consistent. I've been wanting a lot of fruit, but that's a non-pregnancy thing for me, too. 
Anything make you queasy or sick? Mainly car trips.
Gender: BOY! 
Labor signs: Nope
Symptoms: Random bouts of heartburn and nausea, but not enough to complain. :) 
Belly button in or out? Out. 
Wedding rings on or off? On
Mood: Good
Looking forward to: My next appointment is Thursday, so I'm excited about that! 
Freak-out moment of the week: None, but I've been thinking about how much our lives are about to change. It can freak me out a little if I let it, but I do feel that the coming changes are all good!
Thankful for: Honestly, I'm thankful that I haven't had to be around a lot of people during my pregnancy. Especially since I'm not teaching this year, I've been able to avoid a lot of the sicknesses going around. I'm almost afraid to leave the house, and I may or may not give dirty looks to people who are obviously sick and out in public anyway. Ha. I'm sure it will only get worse once Owen is here. ;)


29 Weeks

As soon as we got outside, the wind blew the chalkboard into Ryan's face and hurt his ear. We went to the side of the house, hoping it would be less windy there than it was out front. This picture was taken 3 seconds before a gust of wind caused the chalkboard and (heavy) frame to fall on my head. I got chalk all over me, and we called it quits in hopes that the picture looked ok. ha!
Weeks: 29
Baby: Owen should be a little less than 3 pounds right now. In the third trimester, he'll gain 1/2 a pound a week, on average. It's getting so real!  
Total weight gain: 22ish pounds. ha!
Maternity clothes? I rarely wear a shirt that isn't maternity; it's so much more comfortable. I'm still looking for some pants.
Stretch marks? Not yet
Sleep: Sleeping great
Favorite moment of the week: Our appointment last week went really well. Ryan and I both got the T-dap vaccine, and we got to hear Owen's heartbeat and lots of kicks and punches. ha. He still hasn't turned, which is ok. He isn't considered "breech" until 32 weeks. My doctor did say he'd be more comfortable if he'd turn, but he's "a little stinker." It made us laugh because that's exactly what Ryan calls me all the time. haha. I have also booked a photographer for a newborn session once Owen is here!
My least favorite moment of the week was definitely my sugar test. I know they have all of these flavors now-a-days, but they gave me lemon-lime. It tasted like flat, overly sugary Sprite. I haven't been able to drink Sprite & co. this entire pregnancy. It was disgusting. I got over the taste fairly quickly, but then I started feeling horrible. I managed to stay upright while I waited the hour, but I wanted so badly to lay down. I ended up coming home and sleeping for a few hours. I felt better after that. I kept thinking that I failed the sugar test because it affected my body so much, but I passed!
Miss anything? I'm surprised I am just now feeling this way, but this week I've been missing my normal wardrobe. I've found myself eying cute spring and summer clothes in stores, and I've been itching to buy them. I absolutely refuse to do it, though. :)
Movement: Lots and lots. Love.
Cravings? Nothing consistent. I just realized today that I've been eating a lot of waffles, though. That's sort of new. 
Anything make you queasy or sick? Car trips. Oh my goodness. Absolute misery.
Gender: BOY! 
Labor signs: Nope
Symptoms: Other than the gestational diabetes test and car trips, I've been feeling really good!
Belly button in or out? Out-ish. 
Wedding rings on or off? On
Mood: Good
Looking forward to: Apparently now I'm going to the doctor every other week! I think it's exciting. I'm looking forward to that, and to helping host my friend Kelsey's baby shower this Saturday. We are due 10 days apart!
Freak-out moment of the week: None! Seriously, none!
Thankful for: I think I said this last week, but I'm just so thankful for Ryan, our families, and our friends.


Weeks before Christmas, my mom made sure that Ryan and I would be available to hang out with my family the night after Christmas. My sister, Brooke, lives in Colorado, and the past few years we have only seen her at Christmas time. I love when all of us get to be together, so of course we were going to be there! When Ryan and I walked in, we immediately saw these gifts on the table! I didn't want to assume they were for us, but it was the only thing that made sense. :-) My parents told me that we were having a little family shower, and I thought it was so sweet.

As soon as I opened the first gift, there was a note in it. My weakness is definitely written words, so I knew I was doomed as soon as my mom said "there's a note in each bag." I managed to hold my act together and didn't cry, but wouldn't you know I cry every time I even see the pile of sweet notes at home now? Each of my sisters and each of my parents wrote a note. The first one explained that each gift was given to us with our own childhood memories in mind. In hindsight, both of our moms had asked us weeks before this night what our childhood favorites were. I can't think of a more meaningful gift or shower!

I loved this book as a kid, and I still love it. It has beautiful illustrations, but the story is equally beautiful. It's about giving and selflessness, a message that I hope Owen takes to heart.

*Sigh.* These two. These two are from my sisters, and I can't look at them without thinking of my sisters. Brooke loves animals and I remember her always watching 101 Dalmatians. Brittany also loves animals, and her favorite was The Lion King. I am excited for Owen to have both of my sisters in his life, and I'm sure he'll love these just as much as they did!

Ryan's mom said Ryan used to love Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? and could recite the whole book from memory. When my mom asked me what my favorites were, I immediately said "But No Elephants!" and she reminded me that I also loved Who Put the Pepper in the Pot? It's ok if you are unfamiliar with those two books; however it was that we got a hold of them as kids, I'm not sure, but I never got tired of them. I was surprised they were able to find those books! They also got Ryan A Practical Handbook for New Dads, which looks like a great read!

I was the queen of reading Little Critter. I love them!

Our little stack of notes. I will keep them forever. I told my mom that I completely appreciate every single thing, but the notes are my favorite. She said, "I knew they would be!" Sometimes people know you better than you think they do. ;)

Just when we thought it was over, they said there was one more gift. Out comes my dad with a giant box--one that I recognized! They got us our car seat and stroller (the travel system)! We were blown away.

We are so, so thankful. What a special memory!


Do you know your "love language?" Mine is quality time. You want to completely melt someone whose love language is quality time? Take them on a vacation, just the two of you. My husband nailed it. If I were dying today and had to name my favorite memory, it would easily be our trip to Chicago. Each day I kept thanking him for taking me there, and that even continued once we got home!
{I recommend purchasing Gary Chapman's The 5 Love Languages. Even if you don't read it, you can at least utilize the love language "quiz" at the back. You might even be able to find a quiz online. Just do it.}
This trip is the first we've taken, just the two of us, since our honeymoon. Ryan did a great job booking our flights and choosing a hotel! Once we got to our hotel, we walked in, set our luggage on the floor, and headed out the door. With the windchill, the temperatures were in the lower teens and single digits. We mainly walked (a lot) and shopped around the Magnificent Mile the first two days. We made a game of guessing prices at stores we had no business entering, and it was hilariously fun! We were so busy enjoying our time together in the city that I only took two pictures the first day. I tried to get better as the week went on.

There was a Nike store on the Magnificent Mile, and I took a seat while Ryan shopped their soccer section. He loved it, and later went back to buy this soccer ball--his first Chicago purchase. :)

 Believe me when I say no pizza will ever compare to Giordano's. On our plane ride back, I told Ryan that I now have my answer when people ask "if you knew you were dying, what would you choose as your last meal?" Giordano's, hands down.

Although we primarily walked, we did hail a few cabs. We got better  and better at it, but at first they all ignored us and we could not stop laughing about it. I think this picture was taken right before one of our many failed attempts. :)

We didn't go in, but I had to snap a picture of this Burberry store. I thought their signature plaid building was so neat!

Our third day there is etched in my memory as one of the best days of my life. I had been watching the weather every day leading up to our trip, praying and wishing that it would snow. It wasn't originally in the forecast, but the day before we left, I checked the weather and saw a chance of snow on three separate days! I couldn't wait for Saturday because I knew it would snow and snow. It was absolutely gorgeous, and every bit of what I hoped it would be! We went all over the city that day, used the L-train, fell in love with Chicago's public transportation system, visited Wrigley, stopped by Willis Tower, went to the Navy Pier, and attended the Bull's game. We were gone from our hotel for about 14 hours that day.  It was so cold that I wore two pairs of pants every day, which inspired Ryan to start calling me "two-pants." He still says it every now and then, and we just laugh and laugh. Such great, random memories. :)

Miss two-pants, happy as could be!

Downside of a couple's vacation is that we only have two or three pictures of the two of us together, but that's ok!

This picture is one of my favorites. Ryan has wanted to visit Wrigley his whole life, and he finally got to do just that! The stadium takes up an entire city block, and we walked every inch of it in the snow, stopping to take whatever pictures he wanted to take. He was so happy! He still wants to go to a game some day, but it was beautiful all decorated for Christmas.

Straight thuggin'. 

Waiting for the train. Isn't this beautiful?

Since it was so snowy, there was zero visibility at Willis Tower (formerly known as Sears Tower). We had planned on going up to the SkyDeck, but we wouldn't have been able to see anything at all. We decided to head back to "our area" and go to the Navy Pier. The sun was starting to go down, and the temperature was dropping drastically. We had to walk 1.4 or so miles from the train to the Navy Pier. My feet were absolutely killing me, I felt like I was freezing to death, and I was a little mad that my optimistic husband thought we could handle that walk instead of hailing a cab. But we walked, and we made it. I dried my tears and couldn't believe how stunningly beautiful a frozen Lake Michigan could possibly be. I know snowy, wintery settings aren't for everybody, but every day we were there I kept talking about how I happy I was that I got to see the city for the first time in the snowy winter. Take a look!

The love of.my.life.

The Bulls game was so fun! We spent the first quarter in our nose-bleed seats, and moved down twelve rows off the court for the rest of the game. There were ushers at the entrance of each section, and the usher at our new section stopped me to ask if I knew where I was going. I said "yep" and kept walking, sitting down as quickly as I could. I sent Ryan a text, telling him where I was sitting and instructing him to act like he knew what he was doing. The usher stopped him and asked for his ticket, and Ryan said "my wife has my ticket. She's over there." He let him through, and we didn't dare move for the rest of the game! We watched that usher require a ticket of every single person after us; he'd turn them away if they couldn't show him the ticket. We got so lucky, and it's just another good/funny memory we have of our trip. While on the subject, let me just say: NBA has nothing on college sports. I kept asking "is it always like this? Does anybody ever get excited? Why don't people stand up? Are these people really fans??" Completely lame atmosphere, but a neat experience!

Much better, eh?

The next day was our last full day in Chicago. I was a little pouty at times because I did not want to come back. I mean, galavanting all over the incredible city in the snow with my husband? Being in a hotel room together, where he couldn't even go to the next room if he wanted to? The best. We went back to the Navy Pier so I could make Owen a Build-a-Bear. We also went to Shedd Aquarium, and then to a really nice dinner at Ditka's.

Yumtown. Delicious steaks, and a trio of delectable sides. Ryan loved all of the Bears and Mike Ditka memorabilia. 

It somehow became a tradition of ours to order Creme Brulee any time we go anywhere "fancy." 

The next morning, we packed up, got a cab to the nearest train stop, got off at the airport, and came home. I was genuinely sad, but only because we had the best time. We both want to go back so Ryan can go to a Cub's game. And so we can eat at Giordano's again. I've been to both New York and Los Angeles, and Chicago easily takes the cake. I'm grateful--so grateful--that we were able to enjoy this together.


28 Weeks

This has been a frequent scene around here lately! I love snow and think it's so beautiful. Monday we had what had to be record-setting cold. The windchill reached -20, and I graciously refused to 1) get ready, and 2) go outside for a picture. Don't worry--I haven't changed too much since last week. So that my pregnancy documentation is accurate, let's pretend it's January 6, the day I should have written this post. :)
Baby: Owen can distinguish my voice from Ryan's voice, and his movements are getting stronger and stronger! 
Total weight gain: um, like 22 pounds. Have I mentioned that my mom gained 50 pounds when she was pregnant with me? I'm probably right on track. Haha. 
Maternity clothes? I'm wearing maternity tops most of the time. Other than a pair of leggings and one pair of black skinnies, I haven't found any maternity pants that fit me right. I've gotten pretty good at improvising for now. 
Stretch marks? Not yet
Sleep: Sleeping great, unless interrupted by the oh-so-rude acid reflux. 
Favorite moment of the week: We got our baby showers scheduled, and I'm so excited! My other favorite moment is one I won't soon forget: on New Year's Eve my momma got to feel Owen kick/punch/roll/what-have-ya for the first time. She got so excited and started talking to him: "Owen, it's nana!!! Nana is here!!!" And wouldn't you know he seemed to get excited and move even more? This was the first time anyone has felt him besides Ryan--despite many, many efforts--so it was a big deal! 
Miss anything? I miss my low(er) maintenance body. Ha
Movement: He moves like crazy! 
Cravings? Nothing really
Anything make you queasy or sick? Not in the past week! Praise the Lord. 
Gender: BOY! 
Labor signs: Nope
Symptoms: Crazy acid reflux. It's been a nice change from nausea, but really, it can go away now. 
Belly button in or out? Out-ish
Wedding rings on or off? 
Mood: Pretty normal
Looking forward to: Our baby showers in February, my friends' upcoming showers to celebrate their precious babies, and my appointments! I'm also looking forward to blogging about our surprise family shower that I intended to have already done!
Freak-out moment of the week: None really, although I've already started telling Ryan that I'm sad because I don't want Owen to grow up. Sometimes I like to worry in advance... :-)
Thankful for: Family, friends, my doctor, medicine, and a certain healthy baby boy!