Holiday Haul

As my Christmas vacation comes to a wrap, I'm all settled in back at our apartment and ready to conquer the upcoming semester. I'm struggling, as usual, with thoughts of displeasure and unwillingness, but I keep telling myself, ready or not, here it comes! Whether it goes well or not, you can't stop time, and it will be over in 5 months. I could possibly be going crazy, but talking to myself like that actually has helped. I keep telling Ryan, "I have decided not to teach again next year." Of course, he is supportive no matter what, but it's comical how many times I have made that declaration. I do think it might be in my best interest to at least take off a year and see if the grass is truly greener on the other side. I can always go back, right? That's where I stand right now. And just so we're clear: I like teaching when I'm actually at school; I hate how much it invades my personal time.

Anyway-- Christmas break! Oh, what fun! I enjoyed my time at home with our families. I stayed a few extra days to help my mom paint and finish other random projects that need to be done before my parents put their house on the market, then I came back on Wednesday because I learned last year that I get super stressed if I'm not at my own place to rest a few days before school starts. Christmas Eve and Christmas day have the potential to wear us out, but we love it. We have six Christmases in two days if you count the one we have by ourselves. Fortunately, it's always worked out to where we don't have to miss any. This was our 6th Christmas to celebrate with both of our families, so this schedule is becoming second nature. Thanksgiving is just as crazy and jam-packed, but as I said, so far it's always worked out. I'm not sure how it will work when we move and my family moves; it will be different, but hopefully the celebrations will continue!

This was our second New Years Eve spent in Little Rock rather than back home. Ryan and I are number one grandma and grandpa, it seems, but I'm actually not ashamed. We went out to eat on New Years Eve, then we came home and just hung out by ourselves. I kept telling him that we were probably the only people on the planet to not be doing something, but it's exactly what I wanted to be doing. I've never made resolutions, per say, but I do have a little list this year:
  1. Floss more often.
  2. Exercise more often.
  3. Eat healthier.
  4. Focus on health (specifically, get my neck and back fixed...among others).
  5. Take at least one day each weekend (probably Sundays) and do no work.
  6. Read the Bible in a year.
  7. Read all of the books in my stack of "books to read" before I buy more.
So far, I'm on track to sticking with these. I came up with more, but I knew I was setting myself up for failure and chose not to resolve to do those things. I had to giggle to myself as I typed, "choose water over tea" because I know that won't happen. :) I don't think these will be too challenging for me, except #2 and 3. Ew.

Happy New Year from my home to yours!