March Madness

Unlike many of my friends in the northwestern part of the state, I have been able to enjoy this entire week off from school (sorry Meg). I made no plans for my break because I'm so tired of having to be places at certain times. I hate that... even when it's things that I want to do! Weird, I know.

It's been a great week, and, as usual, I'm dreading going back. But I get an extra day off: Ryan is having surgery Monday morning. In January, he tore his ACL, Meniscus, and LCL. This is the second time he's torn his ACL in the same knee! Just like last time, he's walked around on it and has done everything like normal during this two month waiting period. He's such a tough guy.

I'm working on applications for NWA; sometimes I get excited about them, but generally I'm dreading "starting over." I just want to know where I'll be--that's all! We want to find a place to live as soon as we can, and it sure would help if I knew where I'd be working. I'll keep you updated for sure. :)

So long for now. If you think of it, say a little prayer for my hubby on Monday! Enjoy this crazy madness of busy spring schedules!