Butts in Heaven

Notice the picture on the left. I have always thought it would be hilarious to see a lady with her dress unknowingly stuck in her tights. And it is, I'm sure.
Ryan and I went to the Cracker Barrel (which I have always referred to as "Heaven") on Sunday after church. "Heaven" on Sunday is always super packed. There is normally at least an hour wait, with little room to move in the Country Store because it's that busy. Ryan was waiting in line to pay for our meal, so I take advantage of the opportunity and skip on over to the bathroom. After I'm finished, I spend a few minutes washing my hands and playing with my hair in the mirror. I walk out of the bathroom, look at a few items in the store, and then weave my way through all the bystanders to try to get closer to my husband. I decide I'm not up for the adventure, so I just stand by and wait for him to come to me. Instead, an employee comes up to me. She says, "honey, your dress is stuck in your tights. I tried to get over here as fast as I could, but it took me a while to get through all the people!" I immediately reached back there to fix it, and sure enough, my dress was all up in my tights. There is no way it went unnoticed by the millions of people at "Heaven" that day. But the cool thing is that I didn't feel embarrassed. In fact, I went right up to Ryan after that and kept saying, "but why am I not embarrassed??? Don't normal people get embarrassed about things like revealing their butts in public?" I guess the difficult-to-embarrass quality is one that comes with teaching.
Oh, and even better... my tights were white.

I have been bad about updating. I have made a few posts without publishing them. It serves as a journal of sorts. I've written about life and love, dreams, homesickness. ;)

Last week, I embraced Spring Break with open arms. It was nice to have a break, but it wasn't the most fun break by any stretch of the imagination. I studied for my GRE, which I took on Thursday, graded a ton of research projects, and worked at school a little bit. I also got an iphone and a hair cut (trim).

Ryan has continued making neat things in his Solutions Lab:
They are all labeled with my name! The long tube on the top left is cuticle ointment. He was allowed the option of choosing one perfume, from many, to lightly scent this ointment. He recognized one of the perfumes as one that I have, so he thoughtfully chose that one.
The three smaller tubes are chapstick!! I haven't tried it yet because I am nervous about the sanitation in the Lab. I will probably give in.
The jar is Benzocaine gel. He tells me it's a "local anesthetic," even though I'm not sure what it's for. :)

46 more school days until the sweet, sweet, yet ephemeral summer.