Well hello! Sorry for abandoning my blog so often lately. Between working, grad school, church commitments, exercising, and still trying to be a good wife, some things get pushed to the wayside. Here are some quick random pieces of information:

  • I bought a One Year Bible for Ryan and I to try this year. We both failed a couple months into the reading plan we tried last year. So far, it is going extremely well. I love the layout (each day has a reading from the Old Testament, the New Testament, Psalm, and Proverbs), and actually look forward to reading it each day. We hit the 100 page mark over the weekend, which I considered a small victory.
  • I have had no book posts recently because I am reading through the Harry Potter series. I am loving it, but I do openly struggle with series. :) I am currently on book 3. It is taking me a while with various time constraints.
  • This is the saddest winter of my life so far because we have had no measurable snow. I have not gotten to watch heavy snow through the window, nor any similar phenomenon. (Horrible life, I know!) I am trying to look at this warm weather as a blessing; I am trying to cherish it and appreciate it, but golly! I found this gem on Pinterest:

If someone told me to mentally go to my "happy place," it would look like this--not the beach; nothing fancy--just this...assuming there is a cozy fireplace and reading nook inside.