Friday Confessions on Saturday

Yesterday was Friday, and I didn't even really realize it. :) Here are some confessions:

1. I confess that I'm addicted to General Hospital. This isn't anything new. I had to give it up during my pregnancy because it gave me crazy dreams and I couldn't get GH off my mind. Now that my life is crazy and I have so much running through my mind, it's unable to take over. The show annoys me to no end, but I can't. stop. watching.

2. I confess that 3.5 months is my favorite baby age so far. I am not an "every stage is my favorite" person. Maybe I am now, but I never would have said that before 2 months. Ever. So maybe we've turned a new page and every stage from here on out will be my favorite. Who knows?

3. I confess that I am so ready to move back to Fayetteville that I might just start packing. I need two more years to finish my Master's here since one whole year is internship. I'm currently looking into how a transfer might work. I would love to move back to Little Rock because it's my favorite, but Ryan disagrees. Besides, it doesn't get any better than our friends and our church back in Fayetteville. Get me there now, please! No really. Now. (P.S. Two of my best friends in the world do not live there, but in a perfect world, they would. Hi Megan! Hi Lydia!)

4. I confess that I cannot overstate how ready I am for fall. It's by far my favorite season! I don't give a hoot about summer. Give me cute clothes, boots, crisp air, pumpkins and hay bales, cinnamon scents, and SEC football. Yes. Heaven. 

5. I confess that Ryan and I are going to Mexico in December. Last year we decided to try going on a vacation for Christmas instead of doing presents or a vacation some other time of the year. We went to Chicago (yes, in December), it was the best trip ever. I still bring it up more than once a week (seriously). I would go to Chicago in December again in a heartbeat, but Ryan wants to be able to go to a Cubs game next time we go. So, we're going to Cabo, and we're so excited! No, Owen isn't going. :(

On that note, I have a crying baby who just woke up early from nap time. C ya! (Remember signing notes that way in junior high? haha)


3 Months

This picture makes me smile. :) String bean, long-legged boy. 

I have a three month old! Holy cow. He gets more and more fun every single day, really. He has the best smile in the entire world. I can do everything in the world to try to get him to smile, and he might or he might not. But when I smile at him, he always smiles back. There is nothing better. Nothing!

He has grown so much. We don't go back to the doctor until next month, but I think he weighs around 14 pounds. I could be completely wrong. The day he turned 3 months, April 1, he suddenly couldn't fit into size 1 diapers anymore. He's still in 0-3 month clothing. He eats every 3 hours during the day, and when it's a bottle, it's 4 ounces of breastmilk. That's still all he's ever had! He can now ride in his stroller facing outward instead of being in his carseat, and he seems to love it! He's showing a true interest in his toys now, and it's been so fun for me to get them out for him because they've been sitting in his room for months and months, waiting to be held and licked. He is loving his playmat more than ever before. It's fun to watch him grab at the dangling toys, kick them, smile at them. He is enjoying staring at his fists that he always has right in front of his face. It's funny and cute! When we do tummy time, he comes really close to rolling over. Poor Owen... he has dad cheering "come on, buddy!" and me wailing "nooo, don't!!" :-)

His sleep has taken a turn for the worse, but it is slowly getting better. I'm pretty sure he went through a growth spurt last week because his sleeping patterns (or lack thereof) and middle-of-the-night eating changed drastically without warning. It's ok though. I'm his momma and it's my highest responsibility to take care of him, meet his needs, and make sure he feels loved, safe, and secure. Our overall "schedule" hasn't changed any from last month, except I'm gone for school three days a week now (5 hours each day). We have different family members watching him while I'm gone, and as far as I know, Owen has done well with them. On days I'm not going to school, we tend to stay home more instead of get out as much as we used to. I need my Owen snuggles, and I don't get them when we're on-the-go!

We took Owen to the pool for the first time a couple of weeks ago, and he hated it! I posted the video in my last blog entry. I love it. I'm hoping he'll like it once the water isn't so cold, although I feel cruel taking him out in the heat. I get mom guilt bad when it comes to getting Owen out of the house. I'm ready for him to be able to speak for himself. ha. Not really.

I love him more than my heart can handle. Aside from him being my precious son, there is something so captivating about this little innocent baby. I've had a few stressful moments with school and everything else, and to see him just smile in oblivion really does my heart good. I think there is a lot to be learned from babies. He is the very best tiny person I know!