A year

Ryan and I have been living in Fayetteville for one year now! It has gone by so quickly; it feels like we've only been here for a few months. We've had a great year so far and wasted no time diving right in and starting our lives here. We found our church home our first Sunday here, and have established some fun and edifying friendships. It took me a while--a long while--to even call this place home. Even a couple of months ago I was longing to move back to Little Rock. But, as with most things, I had a change of heart somewhere along the way. This is our home. We fit in, sort of. :-) We've found our place.

It might have taken me 6 months to call MLK blvd by the right name. I was used to JFK in Little Rock, so that's what came out of my mouth every single time. I'll probably never appreciate the congested highways here. And every August, I'll likely complain about the arrival of the college students. I still don't have the job I think I deserve, but that's ok. I'm content. We have so many things here--more important things--that we didn't have prior to moving here. So, a year later, I'll finally declare this as my home. I love this town...most days. ;-)

Picture walk through the past month or so: new arrangement on the wall (still need pics), new necklace from Ryan (acknowledging the crazy mess that I can be), chicken at Logan's shaped like a heart, and a pic of us (from tonight).  :-)

Also, my husband is totally finished with his coursework for pharmacy school!! He is now in his rotations, and on Friday will be finished with his first out of 9. This one has been at Washington Regional and is a pharmacy management rotation. Not his favorite, but he's done a great job! This was a little celebration for him that I put together after his last final. I'm so proud of him!