Mi Casa

Six months ago, I promised my best friend that I would post pictures of mine and Ryan's apartment. Although I took these pictures a several months ago, I am just now getting around to posting them!

This is our living room. To the right of the curtain (facing the couch) is the front door. To the left of the couch is a small bookshelf!

Our kitchen is not as stark-white as the pictures makes it seem. To the right of the refrigerator is a pantry, which I love... even though I wish it were bigger. The three crosses you see were our unity candles at our wedding last summer!

Look at my man! Normally there is not a laptop on the kitchen counter. But don't worry--the Sonic cup habitually finds its way to our apartment. :) I really just added this picture so you could see how the living room and kitchen connect. I really like it because I can cook dinner and still be around Ryan. Or cook dinner and not miss American Idol when it was still on.

Up next is the hallway! The door your see on the very left of this picture opens up to our washer and dryer. As soon as you enter the hallway, the bathroom is on the left, the guest bedroom/storage room is on the right, and our bedroom is straight ahead.

Close-up of the wall art on the right side of the hallway. It's a little TJ Maxx bargain that I picked up over Christmas break. :)

Looking at these photos, I'm not certain why I didn't get a good picture of the bathroom. I have a few, but they aren't the best. This is in front of you when you walk through the door. The toilet is to the right and the medicine cabinet is above the toilet.

I love my shower curtain. Of course, everything in our apartment looks better in person.

If you sit on the toilet, this will be right in front of you. The shower curtain is on the left.

In our "everything room," or guest bedroom, is this desk. There is also a closet, more bookshelves, and lots of storage items (mainly seasonal decor and crafting supplies). There's also a bed which, for some reason, matches the black and green in the bathroom.

Last up: our bedroom! My pictures of this room didn't turn out very well either. Drats. (I'm obsessed with the sitcom Big Bang Theory, particularly Sheldon. He says "drats," so I do too. Ha!)
Anyway, this is our queen size bed. I want a Cali King.

And above our bed. I have yet to find curtains I like, which is why there are places for a curtain rod, but no curtain. Yes, I found a rod I like and went ahead and bought it... with no curtains. Don't judge me! To the right is a dresser and to the left is a chest of drawers. I don't know the difference so maybe I got the names mixed up.

Here's the view from the bed. I love this closet. I actually get ready in it every morning. Yes. I do my make up and hair in the closet. :)

That's it! Come visit some time! :)