Rude Awakening

Thursday evening I took my friend Liz to dinner to celebrate her graduating from UCA with her degree in Chemistry. She's moving to Atlanta soon to work on her Ph D in Physical Chemistry (sorry if I got that wrong, Liz! But I think that's right...)! We ate at Heaven (which, as you know, is the Cracker Barrel), and then hung out at my apartment for a little while.
She left. I went to bed. I slept well. I got up the next morning (Friday), got ready for school. I was excited about my day because my kids were reading books of their choice and I was anxious to begin reading my new one. I made a lunch I was excited to devour at 10:46 am (which I call "Kindergarten lunch"). Ryan told me how cute I looked, I was happy to go to school... I even said, "what a BEAUTIFUL morning!!!" as I walked down the steps from our apartment. I was excited about my day. I swear my mornings are never that cheesy.

I continue walking to my car, admiring how pretty the day was (it really was perfect!). I unlock my car, and as I'm opening my door, I see that my glove box is open, my center console is open, my bags that were in the back are now in the front, and there are papers everywhere. I had sent Ryan out to my car Thurs. night to get my umbrella because I thought it might be raining, so I was thinking, "hmmm... I don't remember him saying that he went through my glove box, but maybe he did." I know it's already long and drawn out, but these thoughts and observations were all within five seconds. I then see glass. Everywhere. My front passenger window had been busted out by somebody. I didn't bother looking to see what they took. I already knew. But the instant I realized what had happened, I RAN up the stairs and into the apartment. I didn't even shut the door behind me because I was so hysterical. I had several things in my hand (my lunch, my umbrella, a Wal Mart sack) which I dropped in the apartment as I was running. I got to the bedroom where Ryan was sleeping and I said, "Ryan, somebody broke into my car!!!" and then I started crying. Not sure how I held it in for that long... but then again, it was only like 30 seconds. ha. He got dressed really fast and we ran down to my car. I called 911 because I didn't know the number to the NLR police and I wasn't going to take the time to look it up.
I then called my friend Ellen, told her what happened, and asked her to get me a sub for the day because I wasn't sure what all this would entail.

The police came, then I called the insurance company (which seriously made my day much better). The insurance company made an appointment for me to get my car fixed just a couple of hours later. The police man said to us, "your deductible is probably $500 to $1,000," but it actually ended up only being $100! In fact, the place that fixed my car took a little longer than they said they would, so they only charged us $50.00. I was very, very happy.
Before that, though, we had a LOT of glass to clean up. Thank God Ryan had the day off. I totally needed him. The burglar(s) took my Dooney & Bourke wallet (which was a birthday gift), along with all of its contents: my driver's license, debit card, credit card, and various rewards cards. They took my iPod (a birthday gift), my marshmellow ipod headphones and cover (which I bought with birthday money), and they broke Ryan's fm transmitter which was a gift from my mom a couple of years ago... I have been using it. The sad thing is that none of those things were readily visible. They were stowed away in the bag I had been taking to the pool. My wallet probably was visible, which is completely my fault. LUCKILY the idiots didn't see my purse in the backseat. It was untouched. It really doesn't matter because they got my wallet (it's a wristlet) anyway, but my purse is special because I bought it in Mexico on my honeymoon.
I spent the day getting my car fixed, cancelling my cards and going to the bank to order a new one, getting a new driver's license.... AHH!
Rude awakening. That's for dang sure.
In memory of my orange iPod, which I was quite obviously very excited to be getting:

Isn't that SAD?! lol

And in memory of my wallet:

See it in my hands? As for the awkward pose, yes, I was trying to get close to that bird at the zoo.

So there's my rude awakening. :(


"Me" Time

Since my last post:

I read and somewhat enjoyed Push. It's really a disturbing book. I didn't see the movie Precious, which is based off of this novel, but I was told the book is four times more graphic than the movie. Maybe that will mean something to you if you've seen the movie.
Awful, awful, awful. Very disturbing. It's not a book I would recommend, persay, but it contains content that sheltered people like myself should be aware of.

I also read Crank. The majority of my students read and adore these books by Ellen Hopkins. This was only my 2nd book of hers to actually read. They are very, very thick books, but each page is written in what appears to be poem form, but it's not actually very poetic. I like these books a lot, but this one, for example, is about a girl who gets addicted to Meth. I get tired of the "drug books" (as I've been calling them) and disturbing content, but her stories are fantastic and there's always a great lesson learned. They are relevant to my students, sadly.

Glass is the sequel to Crank, and oh my goodness. I loved this book. I loved it much more than I did Crank. It is c-r-a-z-y.

So I've read a little this past month. I also crafted a little:

It's certainly not perfect, but it will do! :) I also rocked my Praxis III and am proud of my scores. Ryan just finished his first year of pharmacy school. Big time around our household!