35 Weeks

My feet are just a wee bit swollen, but that's about as bad as they've gotten so far! 

Weeks: 35
Baby: Most 35 week babies are around 5.5 lbs and 18 inches long. I wish I knew Owen's stats! ha. He's pretty much head down at this point, getting ready to make his appearance!
Total weight gain: 25 lbs.
Maternity clothes? Mostly Maternity 
Stretch marks? Not yet
Sleep: I am mostly sleeping well, although I've had "insomnia" a couple of nights, even with my Doxylamine. It stinks.
Favorite moment of the week: Maternity pictures by Kelsey! Poor Ryan had two of us pregnant gals to deal with, but it was so fun. :) Saturday we had a "prepared childbirth" class from 9-5, and it was mostly fun and interesting. We both thought it went by quickly, so that was nice. ha! And my true favorite moment of the week is that my friend Jamie gave birth to her seriously adorable little girl, Millie, last night--on my birthday! Jamie, Kelsey, and I have had an ongoing group text ever since the three of us discovered we were pregnant together over the summer. It's been such a blessing, and it's so neat to see Jamie enter motherhood!
Miss anything? Not too bad... I had one "I'm tired of being pregnant" moment, but I was feeling particularly horrible and just couldn't see past it. 
Movement: He's moving quite a bit, and sometimes it hurts. There's a good chance that if you touched my belly you'd feel a foot or elbow sticking out. My favorite is when I can tell it's his little bum! Since he's finally up and down like he should be, he's been able to move a little lower. I got up to pee three times in less than thirty minutes the other night. No bueno.
Cravings? Nothing consistent.
Anything make you queasy or sick? Yes. Pregnancy. 
Gender: BOY! 
Labor signs: Nope. I've felt crampy off and on, but that's pretty much it. 
Symptoms: Lots. Heartburn and reflux are really common these days; I've been having to double up on my Zantac in order to be able to sleep. Also, I've been super claustrophobic this week. I don't really know what's up with that, but I feel really crowded quite easily. I think I say "I can't fit there" every time we are in public. 
Belly button in or out? Out. 
Wedding rings on or off? On
Mood: Good
Looking forward to: I'm really, really looking forward to the breastfeeding class I'm going to tomorrow evening. There was a brief segment about breastfeeding at our childbirth class, and it was one of my favorite parts of the day! Next Thursday (as in 10 days from now) I start my weekly appointments and will get "checked" for the first time. On second thought, that really doesn't belong in the "looking forward to" section. ha.
Freak-out moment of the week: I don't think I had one. However, my nursery is was 95% complete, but I just had to go buy paint yesterday. I am so mad at myself! Down come the curtains, floating shelves, and everything else we've worked on. Oh, and if I end up not liking it, I will paint it back to its original color. #pregnant ;)
Thankful for: My doctor and modern medicine, because most of my anxieties about labor and delivery are put at ease between those two right there!


33 & 34 Weeks

Well, hello! :) We have been going nonstop around here for the past week or so, and I decided to give myself a little pass on last week's blog. This week's post will cover the past two weeks!

Technically this picture is at 32 weeks 6 days, but I'm counting it as my 33 week photo! :-) Ryan and I have basically no pictures of the two of us together during my pregnancy, so I am treasuring this one.

My view at 34 weeks!! Sort of. I can't exactly see my feet unless I lean forward a little bit. ;)

Weeks: 34
Baby: Baby Owen is supposed to be the size of a small pumpkin, and somewhere between 4 and 5 pounds, according to my Sprout app (which I highly recommend)! According to me, though, all I know is this boy is a rib lover. Rib. Lover. He's hurt me twice in the past two days, and I think I might need some type of rib repair once Owen is out of there. 
Total weight gain: Last appointment it was 24 lbs, I think. I'll know an update this Thursday.
Maternity clothes? Mostly
Stretch marks? Not yet
Sleep: I've been sleeping well, but waking up super early. My body must be preparing for what's to come in the sleep department. Let me clarify that although I've been sleeping well, I require some pretty specific sleeping conditions these days. Loud fan must be on. Cozy, soft brown blanket must be between me and the sheet. I need my body pillow, a different pillow to hug, and my head pillow. This week the ceiling fan must also be on. I have to have my giant Tervis Tumbler full of ice water, right next to my bed. And I will not even try to sleep without taking Zantac (for reflux) and Doxylamine (a sedating antihistamine). 
Favorite moment of the week: Last Friday (the 7th) I spent four hours at the salon/spa, where I got a mani, pedi, pre-natal massage, and haircut. I enjoyed every single second of it! The next day we had an awesome baby shower in Fayetteville, and then on Sunday another one in our hometown. I want to write a separate post about those, though! We got back home Sunday night, and I immediately began working on sorting, organizing, washing, etc. I was so tired, but I'd been looking so forward to getting everything ready. All day every day last week was spent in the nursery. We got our glider in, and spent that evening and night rearranging furniture and hanging stuff on the walls. It isn't finished, but it's good enough! :) Another favorite moment was my Valentine's date to Landry's with Ryan on Saturday night. We haven't really gone out just the two of us in quite a while, and I enjoyed every second of my time with him!
Miss anything? Nah, I'm good!
Movement: I don't know everything, but from things I've read to people I've talked to, I'd say on a scale from 1-10, Owen is about a 6 on the active baby scale. It varies from day to day, of course, but I mostly enjoy his movements (except the rib attacking), which are neither too frequent nor too infrequent!
Cravings? Still nothing consistent, and still no strange combinations! 
Anything make you queasy or sick? These days I'm mostly ok... *crossing fingers*
Gender: BOY! 
Labor signs: I'm pretty sure it's not considered a labor sign, but I definitely experienced Braxton Hicks contractions in Wal Mart last week. It stopped as soon as I was able to sit down, which is what's supposed to happen. But no. No labor signs.
On that note: I'm sure I'll reach a point where I am miserable; however, facts are facts, and I really hope Owen stays put for the next 5 weeks.
Symptoms: Ha. I think I've experienced every symptom at some point in the past two weeks. And it's ok!
Belly button in or out? Out. 
Wedding rings on or off? On
Mood: Good
Looking forward to: Maternity pictures on Wednesday!! My friend Kelsey, who happens to be due 11 days before me, is an awesome photographer. I'm pumped!
My doctor's appointment Thursday. I think it will be my last normal one; I should start going every week starting next week, and that's when I'll have to start getting "checked." It's getting real! Ryan and I are spending our whole Saturday at a childbirth class (the weekday classes didn't jive with our schedules), and I'm going to a breastfeeding class next week. Here's to hoping I'm not the one who passes out in class! ;)
Freak-out moment of the week: I am working on my Master's in Counseling, but I took this semester off since I'm due in the middle of it. I am planning on starting back up this summer. However, I was looking at the course offerings for the fall semester and got really overwhelmed with how long a couple of my days would be--not because of me, but because of Owen. I started freaking out about childcare ("WHO can watch someone else's baby every single Thursday from 2-9:30 p.m.??!"). Luckily my calm and rational husband was able to somewhat cool my jets for the time being. 
Thankful for: 1) I'm thankful for every person who has helped us provide for Owen's needs. He is one loved baby boy! 2) Ok--I'll try my best to make sense here. I'm very, very modest. I'm also very sensitive to certain topics. As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I began telling Ryan about all the changes that would take place with my body, even things that weren't very likely to happen, but were still possible. I just wanted both of us to be prepared and avoid anything shocking. Lately I've been learning more about post-partum bodies and everything that can (and probably will) entail. I know there are many crude things that could be said to a new mother regarding her body, breastfeeding, etc. We've probably all heard people make jokes, etc. While I have no doubt that some women can handle comments like a champ (and might even make jokes herself), I am not one of them. I say this to say that I'm extremely thankful to be married to a man who offers me protection and respect. I've told him in advance things that I know will bother me, and his basic response is "I would never!!" Again--different strokes for different folks, but this is so important to me, and I've found myself being expressively thankful for that multiple times this week. I'll have enough to worry about, ya know? Thanks, babe. :-)


32 Weeks

Weeks: 32
Baby: Baby is rapidly growing, and should weigh around 4 lbs. His bones are growing stronger and getting harder. His hair should be starting to show some color now! I'm dying to know what that color is. :)
Total weight gain: Last appointment it was 22 lbs. I'll know an update on Thursday.
Maternity clothes? Mostly
Stretch marks? Not yet
Sleep: Sometimes I wake up from Owen's stronger kicks and movements. Between that and getting up to pee, I'd say I'm sleeping quite alright. :)
Favorite moment of the week: Saturday I hung out with my friend Crystal, who is due at the end of February. We shopped around for some last minute items she needs to prepare for her baby girl, and that was fun! Turns out that registering at the hospital on Friday was my least favorite moment ever, so I won't be talking about that in this section!
Miss anything? This new body of mine hasn't been too limiting, but I did struggle to paint my toenails this week. I didn't like that. I only had a difficult time with my right foot because I'm right handed and can't bend straight down because of the way Owen has situated his little self. I know my movements will only become more and more limited in these next 8 weeks, so I'll try not to get too frustrated!
Movement: This. child. I swear if he could wave at us all through my mouth he would. He is so high up. I honestly do not think he could go any higher if he wanted to. (Read: extremely uncomfortable for momma.) He's wedged up there in my right rib cage/stomach, and it's actually a little painful. I'm beginning to wonder if he's stuck. Seriously. If he weren't positioned that way, I would be able to bend over a little more easily...and breathe like a normal person. Oh, and since this section is for movement: he moves a lot. :-)
Cravings? Nothing consistent. I haven't been able to eat much at one time because my son is smashing my stomach. 
Anything make you queasy or sick? The smell of boiled chicken. I haven't had an "I can't cook that" moment at all in my pregnancy, and while smells have been stronger, they haven't bothered me. Boiled chicken, however, caused me to call my husband and request that he bring home a Brown Bag Special from Sonic on his way home from work, and I'd try to pull myself together and cook the next night. ha. 
Gender: BOY! 
Labor signs: I've felt very crampy, which I realize is not a real word. Not sure that it's a labor sign, but it's the closest one yet!  
Symptoms: This has been the week of terrible, very random symptoms. I haven't been sick, which is good, but my lands. Some of this blends in with the previous week, but two days in a row I had full-blown nosebleeds. Queasiness while cooking is new. Feeling like my ribs are about to puncture my stomach is new. I've also had a couple of other terrible symptoms which I will not discuss here, but I do trust I will remember what this means when I come back and read it later. ;)
Belly button in or out? Out. 
Wedding rings on or off? On
Mood: Good
Looking forward to: So much! Thursday I have a doctor's appointment. Friday, for my Valentine's and early Birthday celebration, I am going to get a prenatal massage, pedicure, and manicure! Saturday we are having a baby shower in Fayetteville, and Sunday we are having one in our hometown! I have been looking forward to this weekend for about a month now! 
Freak-out moment of the week: When I went to make sure I was registered and all that at the hospital, I had to watch a 12 minute epidural video. I was in the room by myself, and I was squirming in my seat with eyes full of water. Full. The video only left me full of fear, and it kind of ticked me off. I didn't care much for the nurse who came to talk to me afterwards, and just as I anticipated, I can already tell that the only person I'm really going to trust is my doctor. ha. That could be a problem. 
Thankful for: I'm thankful for a healthy baby and healthy pregnancy, as well as my husband, family, and friends who have kept me sane and excited. :-)