I have a special jewel of a student this year. After the second day of school she began messaging me on Facebook and then writing me notes several times a day. She's crying out for someone to help her and be there for her. I've done everything in my power, but I can't even explain how relieved I am that she and I are meeting with the counselor tomorrow morning. It took unbelievable amounts of begging and coercing to get her permission for me to share the information with the counselor, but she granted that to me and I ran with it.

Here's what she wrote me on Monday. It's unedited. :)
"You have helped me so much. I hope you don't mind me saying, I look up to you. I don't know how to look up to someone, but I want to be somewhat like you, your close to God. I don't know how to explain or detail, I'm just happy your my teacher. I'm sorry if I have been bugging you so much, but your an awesome person and thank you for being there for me when no one else was."
Yes, tears filled my eyes when I first read it. The truth is, I'm just as thankful for her as she is for me. Students like her remind me why I'm here-- why I'm doing what I'm doing.

At the end of another note, she said, "if it weren't for you I never would have prayed last night."

Thank you, Jesus.