October, you were solid.

It must be true that with each passing year, the time goes by faster. I'm actually finding that most things I was told as a young child are actually true. I now talk to myself, I'm exactly like my mother, I'm doing and thinking things I swore I never would. Ha. In other news...

I spent the first weekend of October in central Arkansas, visiting old friends and former students at Homecoming:

I am relishing having my family nearby:

My work life has improved immensely over the past two weeks, and because I have no shame, meet Mooogan:

I brought home this lovely Scentsy today! It's the little things, you know?

I am eagerly awaiting the return of this:

And I am becoming a member of Crosschurch soon. Just a minor hangup... it's Baptist, and I grew up attending an Assemblies of God church. Because of this "minor hangup," I need to be re-baptized. I've been stubborn about it, but my heart is slowly changing.

Most AG believe that salvation is not eternal; it can be lost. Baptists believe in "eternal security," meaning salvation cannot be earned, and therefore cannot be lost. It is freely given. Where do I stand? According to scriptures, salvation is freely given. There is no argument. It is actually a non-issue.

But here's the deal: I cannot grasp it. I want so badly to believe that if you are "saved" at the age of 7, then live your life as though Christ doesn't even exist, that you are not worthy of eternity with Christ. The truth is that you aren't, and neither is the one who follows Christ relentlessly. I get too caught up trying to figure out how it works. I find myself wanting a clear distinction between true Christ-followers and those who only claim to be. 

Praise God He is not that way, though. We'd all be condemned to Hell (which I believed was true for too long)! I still have questions, of course. My mind will never fathom nor grasp it all, but that is not what I was created to do.