8 Months

My sweet Owen is growing and changing at the most rapid pace. I mean, obviously, but I just can't believe how much change happens in what is truly such a short amount of time. He is wearing mostly 6-9 month clothes. Most 6-12 month tops are a little too big for him, but he can wear a few. He can wear some 3-6 month pants in the waist, but he's too long for them. He's in size 3 diapers. He eats three 6 oz bottles a day and one 8 oz bottle. He loves drinking water out of his sippy cup or real cups. He also eats cereal at breakfast, and fruits and veggies at lunch and dinner. I've been feeding him table food at lunch and dinner if I am eating something he can eat. He has had and loved chicken, roast, and turkey. He loves eating Puffs and usually reaches for the container when he sees it. He can feed himself Puffs like a pro, but I usually still feed him at meals because it's faster. I try to strike a balance between helping him and letting him be independent. A lot of times he actually won't let us feed him his Puffs. He'll keep his mouth closed and try to get it out of our hands and do it himself. He is Mr. Independent. He still hates, hates, snuggling, but he does like to be held. If I hold him where he can look around and grab whatever he wants, he loves it. As soon as we try to snuggle him, he gets upset. It's funny and sad. My mom has always said that I was exactly like that. He definitely enjoys being active, and we always say "he sure is a busy boy!" He's been babbling constantly, and these past few days he has been saying "dada" a few times! He doesn't seem to be associating it with Ryan, but we are trying to teach him.

He goes down for bedtime and naps pretty much as soon as I lay him in his crib. No fussing, no anything. He's still sleeping great at night, and he's taking longer naps on a consistent basis. He's able to put his pacifier in his mouth if he finds it in his crib or wherever. I've been waiting for that day ever since we introduced the paci to him! Ha. Diaper changes have become extremely difficult because he either scoots across the room on his back, or rolls incessantly. The only thing that works for me? Giving him a diaper sack or box of wipes to play with. Great parenting, I know: this is not a toy. :-) He has four teeth, although one is a new development and therefore quite tiny. He enjoys having his teeth brushed each morning and night. He still smiles frequently, and he enjoys observing his surroundings.

People still, for the most part, say he looks like whichever one of us (or random family members) they know best. I'm really sensitive to people saying who he likes like, or who he acts like, etc. (although I'm guilty!) because Owen is his own person. He is not an extension of us. Actually, to quote a post I read several months ago (with no citation, sorry... can't remember where it came from): "My children are neither my possessions nor extensions of myself. They are image-bearing individuals with souls that will last forever." He has his own personality which is both innate and learned. He has his own feelings, hopes, dreams. He has his own beliefs, likes, dislikes, and worldview. As much as we can try to shape bits and pieces of him, he is who he is, and I will love him unconditionally no matter. I absolutely cannot wait to get to know this amazing tiny human. :)